Margie Peterson’s Experiment in Getting a #VoterID

Margie is depressing me, but this is a great column. Go read the whole thing:

I arrived at the Driver’s License Center off Airport Road at 1:25 p.m. and found a packed parking lot. An employee told me that if the lot was full at that time of day, there was a chance the center would be closed at 4:15 p.m. before my number could be called.

The waiting room was standing room only with people seeking all kinds of services. I took a number and listened as numbers were called at a glacial pace.

As the afternoon wore on, the undercurrent of impatience among the crowd bubbled up. One man said he had waited for three hours on a previous afternoon and then been told he had to come back another day because the center was closing. Sheila Garcia of Allentown told me she waited almost three hours to get a non-driver photo ID a few months ago. “The line was out the door,” she said.

Some parents tried to calm their squirming children in front of signs that prohibited eating, drinking, smoking and cell phone use. A monitor told one person, “There is no cell phone use in here” and a customer called out, “There’s nothing in here.”


  1. Anyone who has had to run the gauntlet that is PennDOT will agree with Margie, on that office. A couple of comments:

    Voters must be able to get appropriate ID easily and quickly. The law is legal, ethical and moral, and we must make it easier to comply with.

    We need to fire pretty much all of the employees at PennDOT and start from scratch.

    You wonder why most everyone thinks government employees are pretty much worthless? Next time you’re in the area, take a drive up and walk in that fiasco. Other than the stormtrooper who enforces the ‘no cell phone’ ban, the others put in a solid 30mins of work each 8 hour day.

    Here’s a laugher – they’re open 7hrs/45mins each day (thought a full workday was at least 8hrs?), they’re closed Mondays (the counter to being open Saturdays, although they get time 1/2 because it’s a weekend), and there’s always at least 30% of the staff “on break.” This shit doesn’t survive a week in the private sector, yet we overpay every year for it.

  2. The law is ridiculous and needs to get repealed. The state was not able to produce one example of voter impersonation fraud. There’s no evidence that’s even happening, let alone happening at a scale capable of swaying elections.

  3. We disagree on that, but your silence on government employee incompetence is telling.

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