No, Obama is Not Trying to Suppress Military Voters in OH

No surprise this meme turned out to be a total lie:

Actually, the Obama campaign’s lawsuit, filed by the campaign in mid-July, explicitly asks a federal court to restore in-person early voting rights to all eligible Ohio voters on the three days preceding Election Day.

The suit does not seek to prevent members of the military from voting in person during that period, rather it seeks to force Ohio to give other voters (including, for instance, cops and firefighters) the same opportunity to vote.

There was no good reason, other than raw politics, for Ohio Republicans to end early voting starting on Friday before the election for most voters. They know full well that voting after church has become a big tradition for black and Latino voters, and that’s exactly what they were trying to snuff out with this play.


  1. Missed your comments on the Tea Party backing an Hispanic, Ted Cruz, for Senate in Texas.

  2. Rich, thanks for clearly reiterating my point – the Tea Party is not racist, they are idealogues. Disagree with their politics all you want, but to brand them racist simply isn’t true.

    Sure there are racists in the Tea Party, just as there are racist Liberals. So please no examples, that’s a meaningless exercise.

  3. Why is it cops, firefighters, and soldiers all the time? How come no one ever cites the right of accountants and warehouse supervisors to vote early?

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