Maybe Subsidize Washington Township’s Share of the Slate Belt Regional Police Department

$100,000 a year really isn’t that much money spread across 1600+ households, but if that’s what’s going to make or break the Slate Belt regional policing plan, the other townships should just subsidize Washington Township’s portion. They’re the only ones besides Bangor who would end up paying more money, and Bangor already voted for it. Doesn’t look like anybody’s decided to be parochial yet and try to call the whole thing off over $100K, which is awesome.

The other point to make about Andrew George’s article is that while public comment is important for getting resident buy-in to the proposal, Dave Renaldo should keep in mind that he’ll be hearing from the people who have the strongest opinions, who aren’t necessarily representative of most people in the township. Most people just want good police service for a good value. If Dave Renaldo and other Washington Township representatives personally feel that the regional police plan meets these criteria, then they should vote for it. That’s why there’s representative democracy. A plumber doesn’t take a poll on the best way to fix a broken pipe, and neither should a policy-maker. There’s no reason to expect the average voter to have any special insight on what the most effective police practices are. People want good police coverage for a good price, and it’s elected officials’ job to figure out how best to accomplish that.

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