Conservatives Don’t Care About the Deficit

Stan Collender:

Two reports over the past two days by the most credible organizations that do budget analysis prove that, no matter what they say publicly, congressional Republicans don’t actually give a damn about reducing the federal deficit or lower government spending.

Each report shows that, for the GOP, the deficit not only comes in no better than second every time, it’s not really a serious consideration.

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  1. Funny…in this article the CBO is held up as excellent, non partisan, etc.

    But when they started to identify the true costs of Obamacare, you ignore them and say they don’t know what they’re talking about.

    More hackery. What I wouldn’t give for legitimate analysis from the radical far left, instead of regurgitation and “analysis” that would get you fired in the private sector.

    • Jon Geeting says:

      I never said CBO didn’t know what they’re talking about. I said you didn’t know what you’re talking about for repeating the mistaken Fox News spin about the costs.

  2. It’s not spin, it’s fact. You were ignoring a key accounting principal called ‘matching.’ You weren’t matching your income and expenses, leading to factually inaccurate projections.

    This is a common error in Washington, where the truth is something to be hidden.

    The fact is that Obamacare, when you match income and expenses, is hugely more expensive than you’ve admitted to and does not decrease the deficit.

    Don’t watch Fox News (nor CNN or MSNBC). I like to form my own opinions. You should try to do the same – whatever George Soros is paying you isn’t enough to sacrifice your integrity.

    • Jon Geeting says:

      But the CBO is clear that all the law is fully paid for. It raises the taxes necessary to pay for it, and the cost of the law does not exceed the original projections. You were misreading that report and still can’t bring yourself to admit it. It’s sad.

  3. Jon,
    Stan should stop hyperventilating, as silly as that “shutdown” was, a 1 billion cost to borrowing is less than 1/1000th of the entire annual debt.

    The CBO is honest, but does what Congress directs. The health care law was designed to frontload movement of funds and assets to the government at the beginning of the law, and backload costs beyond 10 years. No one disputes this. It is “true” that a repeal would “cost” the government money, but that’s because it wouldn’t be able to “pay” itself money for not funding Medicare so much anymore.

    Which is why anyone needs a more textured analysis of cost than one source, even the CBO, can provide.

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