Our Solar Future, Cont’d.

Kurzweil AI:

According to PV Kraftwerker, a construction firm specializing in solar parks, installations that used to require 35 workers can now be done with just three workers in an eighth the time.

For a 14-megawatt solar plant, the company estimates, it might cost about $2 million to install the panels manually. Using the robot could cut that cost by nearly half. The company says that the robot, which lists for $900,000, could pay for itself in less than a year of steady use.

Avoid lump of labor thinking about this. What this means is that each of those 35 dudes can now install more total solar panels. It doesn’t mean more people out of work.


  1. Actually this represents an advance on a form of solar that is not the future but the past – big panel fields. No one who wants to make solar work care about this kind of issue.

    Distributed generation is the future of solar.

    Oh, and the solar window film you talked about is not “coming to market” anytime soon. Please stop taking research announcements and concluding they’re ready to go.

    • Jon Geeting says:

      I didn’t intend to imply they’d be on the market in the near future. I was just making the point that the technology is changing so you need to be careful writing the regulations. A pretty conservative point actually.

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