How Clusters Work

Lynn Olanoff talks to Kyle Keck about why he wants to locate Kurent BMX shop on Southside Bethlehem:

“The skate park being so close was one of many things that brought me to the South Side,” Keck said in an email. “I just thought we would fit in better over here with Homebase and Cutters being so close we can all work together to make our sports grow.”


  1. Clusters work great for retail. They’re useless for professional services.

    Back in the 1980’s they were necessary (faxes barely existed and email didn’t). With communications technology today there is no reason a law firm needs to be located near an accounting firm.

    • Jon Geeting says:

      Depends on the profession. Financial firms and insurance firms definitely seem to prefer clusters.

      • Actually they don’t care, they go where the best fit is for their customers, employees, and financially.

        Seriously Jon, there is nothing to clustering professional businesses anymore, that’s 30 year old thinking (at least). I work with 8 law firms and several insurance and financial planning outfits. I barely see them let alone care if they’re physically near each other. Everything is email and phone, with occasional overnight mail for signatures.

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