RenewLV Endorses NIZ After Controversy Ends

Nice to see RenewLV out with a post supporting the Allentown NIZ, albeit *after* the controversy is totally moot.

Under Steven Bliss, the focus of that organization was all about building toward a regional tax base, and regional funding for public services. The NIZ fight was a marquee moment for these issues. It was the key fight for advocates of regionalism to be engaged with over the past several months. I really will never understand why Renew thought anything else they were working on was more important than this.


  1. You shouldn’t be surprised by this. Since Bliss left it’s leaderless, no one knows or cares who Pam Colton is, the board is also leaderless, etc.

    Without dramatic change quickly, they’re done.

    • Jon Geeting says:

      Not surprised, just annoyed. I bet they’re also not prepared for the Agenda 21 nutters to freak out about the Envision Lehigh Valley campaign.

  2. No one cares about the Agenda 21 nutters. And fewer still care about the UN anymore.

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