Transportation Round-Up

A few noteworthy transportation stories from the past few days:

  • The most important thing to understand is that our transportation system, and our infrastructure more generally, is in shambles, and threatens our prosperity unless we make some major investments.
  • The good news is that there couldn’t be a better time to invest in our infrastructure. Construction materials, labor, and borrowing costs are never going to be this cheap again. And we’ve got a whole lot of people who could be working, but are sitting idle because there aren’t any jobs.
  • Steven Schrayer at RenewLV looks at how the proposed National Infrastructure Bank would work in practice. And here’s a more detailed explanation from Jonathan Cohn at TNR.
  • Two former Republican-appointed DOT heads are calling for a mileage tax and congestion fees to fund a new federal transportation overhaul.
  • The transportation funding plan in Harrisburg looks unlikely to get done this year, as the Senate Republicans are unlikely to return for a lame duck session after the election.
  • John Pallone is wrong. Every part of the state should pay for all the state’s infrastructure needs. Philly and Pittsburgh are the state’s economic engines. If transit becomes less efficient in those metros due to funding cuts, their economic growth slows, and the whole state suffers the revenue loss. Rather than repeal Act 44, Harrisburg pols need to come through with full funding for it.

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