Private Tyranny

Corey Robin:

In October 2009, the US Government Accountability Office (GAO) issued a report about the parlous state of government monitoring and investigations of occupational health and safety practices in the workplace. Among the report’s findings:

Stakeholders most often cited workers’ fear of job loss and other disciplinary actions as disincentives that can affect workers’ decisions to report injuries and illnesses. Occupational health practitioners concurred: 67 percent reported observing worker fear of disciplinary action for reporting an injury or illness, and 46 percent said that this fear of disciplinary action has at least a minor impact on the accuracy of employers’ injury and illness records. (p. 22)

Got that? 2/3 of the people involved in making sure that workplaces are safe claim that they’ve witnessed workers reluctant to report their injuries and illnesses for fear of retaliation.

The Obama administration hasn’t really done anything about this.


  1. Since you correctly pointed out that Obama has done nothing about this, and since we’ve already established the fact that nothing else matters than what happened under a President’s watch (except for Obama blaming Bush, that’s his entire repertoire), then this headline should read: “DEMOCRATS WAGE WAR AGAINST WORKING AMERICANS”

    You’re right, being hypocritical is fun!

    But seriously, given the cancer that unions are and how they need to go, it is incumbent on the Federal Government to play this role effectively. Because as you know, it doesn’t matter whether a business owner is Republican or Democrat – they both cut corners and have to be held accountable.

    • Jon Geeting says:

      Hmm, what would be the obstacle to changing this? Would it be Democratic resistance in Congress, or would it be Republican resistance in Congress?

  2. Since it’s gone on under both Democratic and Republican administrations, I’d say this is another bipartisan effort.

    • Jon Geeting says:

      Fine, let’s break it down by liberals vs. conservatives then. The bipartisan Congressional opposition is coming from conservative Blue Dogs + all Republicans.

  3. Nope. You’re now making shit up. You admitted that Obama has done nothing at all. He’s a problem on this issue too.

    Why can’t you ever admit that your precious Democrats fuck up too?

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