Andrew Kleiner for Allentown Parks and Recreation Director!

With Greg Weitzel leaving, I really cannot think of a better Allentown Parks and Recreation Director candidate than Andrew Kleiner.

Andrew’s huge blog series on the state of the Allentown parks is seminal, and he has demonstrated that he has the scientific knowledge (riparian buffers!), the passion for public service, and the organizing skills to be successful in this role.

He is a supporter of the Connecting Our Community bike trail plan that Greg Weitzel was working to implement, and has good ideas about how to better leverage Allentown’s huge park system to market the city to young active people.

Here is a photo essay from Andrew on the purpose of city parks.

Join this Facebook group and let’s get some momentum going!


  1. monkey momma says:

    Holy smokes I actually agree with you. Maybe the world really is ending in 2012!! 😉

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