A (Mostly!) Good Election Night for Progressives

Despite the bad news out of PA-15 and the special election in HD-134, the primary election results were a pretty solid show of progressive strength.

Let’s get the negatives out of the way:

In PA-15, Democrats nominated Rick Daugherty, a candidate with no money and no organization, who amazingly managed to run to the right of his opponent Jackson Eaton, a former Republican. There’s no chance Daugherty beats Charlie Dent in November. Too bad.

I was also really hoping Patrick Slattery would beat Ryan Mackenzie in the special election in HD-134, but no dice. I had managed my expectations for a win there though, given the big Republican registration advantage.

Fortunately, that’s it for the bad news! And the good news is all very good. Consider:

– Democrats won 5 of the 6 special elections.

– Barack Obama got more votes in the Democratic primary than Mitt Romney got in the Republican primary:

Obama: 608,988

Romney: 464,357

– PA-17: Progressive Matt Cartwright knocked off Blue Dog Tim Holden, and the November election will be a walk

– PA-12: Slightly-more-progressive Mark Critz beat Fox News Democrat Jason Altmire

– HD-182: Brian Sims became the first openly gay state legislator in PA, after defeating Babette Josephs in a squeaker

– HD-22: Progressive Erin Molchany beat Party-backed Martin Schmotzer

– HD-49: EqualityPA-endorsed Sean Wiley beat John Harkins by 12 points

– Dem AG: I didn’t really have a strong opinion about the AG primary, but I’m going to love it if the first elected Democratic Attorney General is a woman


  1. So it means nothing when Conservatives win due to the low turnout, but it’s a time for celebration when Liberals win?

    Love the double standard/hypocrisy there Junior! Nicely done.

    • Jon Geeting says:

      Huh? I’m not claiming this is some kind of proof that the state/region is liberal. I am happy that liberals were selected instead of conservative alternatives, because it will mean more liberal policy outcomes on the margin.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hater John says: “So it means nothing when Conservatives win due to the low turnout, but it’s a time for celebration when Liberals win?”
    huh? I didn’t see any reference to low turnout.
    Hater John says: “Love the double standard/hypocrisy there Junior! Nicely done.”
    I have to give you credit, Jon, that you tolerate this jerk’s name-calling and argumentative (that does not mean arguing a point) remarks.

    • Jon Geeting says:

      John makes me look good haha

      • It’s going to be an amazing day when one of the hundred daily statements that should do so actually prove to John that he’s not anywhere near as persuasive as he thinks — or just correct, in general.

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