PA-15: Charlie Dent Wins Big in the Democratic Primary

In selecting the candidate with no money and no organization, 15th District Democrats voted to send Charlie Dent back to Congress to continue undermining Barack Obama’s efforts to revive the economy in the 2013-14 legislative session.


  1. The vast majority of the Lehigh Valley prefers to think of Dent helping to stop Barack Obama from continuing to destroy our economy and our future.

    We’re not radical far left liberals here Jon. You need to accept that and find some community out there that is receptive to your extreme brand of politics. Pretty much every candidate you get behind gets their ass handed to them here.

    • Jon Geeting says:

      Blah blah blah speak for yourself. That’s how you think of it, and you don’t have any polling evidence to support your claim that everyone else thinks like you.

  2. Here’s the only polling evidence that matters: Callahan – ass handed to him. Eaton – ass handed to him. Slattery – ass handed to him. Sestak – lost but closer than the others. The 2010 Democratic slaughter. Lehigh County Council (although I think that was a mistake, they went too far right with Ott and his merry band of idiots).

    I grew up here. I live here. I know a ton of people here, both D and R. I see the election results same as you do.

    The Lehigh Valley is not San Francisco, nor is it NYC. That’s where you belong, with the radical far left wingnuts. You’ll be much happier there.

    • Jon Geeting says:

      So the biggest Republican wave election since the 20’s, and two very low-turnout elections are supposed to be a guide to the region’s baseline political preferences. Gotcha.

      • If you don’t care enough to vote, you lose. You also lose the right to bitch.

        • Also, you might want to take a look at the historical voting patterns of the Lehigh Valley. We have never elected the people you support because we don’t believe that the radical far left represents our views or beliefs.

          Your hope rests on the Democratic majority, while ignoring the fact that these people aren’t like you at all. They don’t like the radical, divisive, destructive politics that you advocate. They are not lever-pullers (a/k/a mindless zombies), and that alone drives you nuts.

          In short, it’s just too smart a region for you.

    • When did John Callahan become far left?

  3. When the DNC took over his campaign.

    Rich I thought going in Callahan would be a formidable challenge to Dent. But as soon as Biden showed up to campaign for him, then 2 days later Callahan endorsed Arlen Specter, you could see the writing on the wall and he was doomed here.

    In short, the DNC destroyed his candidacy because they aligned Callahan with the radical left. Damn shame what they did to him.

    • John, dude, the Valley does not send Charlie there hoping for him to stop Obama, that’s absurd. Let me remind you, Obama won the Valley by double digits. Kerry carried the Valley. Gore carried the Valley. Clinton carried the Valley. Rendell and Casey carried the Valley. People just don’t know what Dent actually does, or don’t care, and just vote for who they like. Take your pick. Slattery got crushed in a district that is overwhelmingly Republican, like what would happen to a Republican in Bethlehem. I mean, yes, the DCCC did over manage Callahan, and yes, it didn’t work, but Biden was on a successful ticket here. Your evidence is lacking here. I agree the national party hurt Callahan, but saying the Valley is right wing, or Callahan is a lefty is kinda crazy.

  4. Callahan isn’t lefty at all, the DNC did that to him. I mean it, with the anger at incumbents Dent should have been in real trouble but the DNC screwed Callahan up so badly he got routed.

    The Lehigh Valley holds moderate political views on both sides of the aisle. Never said it was right wing at all. Frankly I shocked at what happened with the Lehigh County Commissioners going so right wing.

    Obama carried big, and he should have given the lousy President Bush was. The other presidential elections were pretty close, reflective of the moderate views.

  5. You didn’t ask what was being pushed – the far left radicals know they have to be sneaky on gun control so they’re letting Mayors Against the Constitution do their dirty work.

    But you know damn well that one of the dreams of Liberalism is a defenseless public 100% dependent on government for their safety and security.

    • Jon Geeting says:

      Amazing. Unable to come up with an actual unpopular policy supported by real life Democratic candidates, you have to resort to conspiracy mongering.

  6. No, you just asked for an issue and I gave it to you. We could talk about others – Liberalism’s drive to increase energy costs to unsustainable levels is another – both Obama and Chu are on record there.

    Here’s another with a poll – Obamacare. Only 26% of Americans want the law kept as is. 25% want the Individual Mandate thrown out, and 42% want the entire law thrown out.

    And conspiracy? No. You know better than that Junior there’s no conspiracy at all to Liberal hatred of freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution.

    • Jon Geeting says:

      Carbon taxes/cap and trade are mildly unpopular, but recall that cap and trade was the mainstream conservative alternative to a carbon tax as recently as 2008, before the Republican Party went off the reservation. Insofar as we need to do something about climate change, it’s the most conservative approach we could take. I’ll give you the point, that’s probably the most unpopular thing liberals support, but let’s not let the Republican Party’s recent past slip down the memory hole on this issue.

      There’s also nothing liberal about the individual mandate. Mitt Romney, Jim DeMint, Newt Gingrich, the Heritage Foundation and sundry others are on the record praising the individual mandate as a beacon of conservative policy approach. Individual responsibility and all that.

      • Like usual, you miss the most important part of the argument. It’s what you do with the carbon tax dollars that matters most.

        Bottom line – the vast majority of the country wants Obamacare either radically changed or out. Hell, Obama can’t even campaign on passing it being a success because it’s so disliked. Even you should see that point.

        • Jon Geeting says:

          No, it’s whether you tax carbon that matters most.

          You should actually read the polls. A huge chunk of the “opposition” comes from people on the left who say it doesn’t go far enough.


      Except for the fact that, besides the individual mandate, when folks are polled on the actual components of the ACA, and not just “Obamacare” as a whole, they are in heavy support of all of them.

      • My cardiologist is in favor of lettuce, tomato and whole wheat bread. He’s virulently against bacon.

        So a BLT on whole wheat is out.

        Your point Ryan is invalid.

        • Your cardiologist’s BLT sandwiches are not reducing the deficit, making the individual market easier to navigate, or covering 30,000,000 additional Americans.

          So your point, John, is invalid.

          • Missed the point entirely Ryan. Please go back and re-read your post and my response.

            Even the linguistics guy would admit your follow up had nothing to do with anything we were talking about.

  7. I’ll preface by saying that I remain convinced that Charlie Dent will be difficult to unseat no matter who runs against him, but… Let me propose an alternative way of interpreting the primary result:
    With no money and no professional campaign infrastructure/staff/organization, Rick Dougherty edged out Jackson Eaton in a primary in which only the most heavily invested democratic voters had any motivation to leave their homes to go vote.

    I don’t believe that RD got to be chair of the LC Democratic Committee by being unable to wrangle support, so my feeling is that he merely decided to stay low-key in the primary to avoid expending resources or stirring up controversies against a fellow Dem, knowing that he’d be working to unseat Charlie Dent regardless of the Primary outcome. Imagine what he could do with a staff and some money in the general election?

    • We’ll have to see as to whether or not he’ll have much of a staff or campaign first. Rick has a good message if he sticks to seniors and almost only seniors. It’ll all be contingent on if Rick raises more than $8K per quarter. Especially since I would be extremely surprised if the DCCC invested anything in this race mainly based on the fundraising.

      • Jon Geeting says:

        Maybe he should only appear at senior centers the entire campaign – a different one every day all over the district.

  8. John, I didn’t miss your “point” at all. I get what you were trying to do — and it was worthless.

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