NPR Ending He Said/She Said Journalism

Dean Baker says NPR is ending the stupid practice of He Said/She Said journalism:

NPR deserves some serious congratulations. As a matter of policy they now reject the concept of he said/she said journalism; creating the image of balance even when one said is clearly true and the other isn’t.

One of the worst things about politics right now is that the Republican Party is constantly lying about everything. The model of objectivity most news organizations use now is totally unequipped to deal with this “innovation”. Things that are lies get reported as “Republicans say…” It’s bad for the country, and I’m glad to see NPR’s not going to accommodate it anymore.


  1. NPR was balanced before? Either that or the byline for this story was dated 1980.

    NPR does have a broad base of listeners, primarily because conservatives have an open mind to learning about liberal positions. Liberals on the other hand froth at the mouth when anyone in the media dare talk conservatively.

    No one, including many liberal friends of mine, even pretended to believe that NPR is a balanced news source. It is what it is.

    • Jon Geeting says:

      NPR is the most balanced of any news organization, but even they spent too much time pretending that false Republican claims were just differences of opinion. The problem for conservatives is that there are so few conservative academics and policy analysts willing to put the telling the truth ahead of playing for Team Red, so there’s a big credibility deficit. The moment any right-affiliated experts diverge from the Team Red political line, they get drummed out of the conservative movement.

      • Here’s another case junior where you need to read what you link to. You were laughing the other day when I cited that Obamacare had 10 years of revenue projections and 6 years of expense projections, that it had been debunked and I was an idiot.

        The article you linked to stated that very fact and used it as the reason for the expenses now showing – that they weren’t going up, but that now they are falling in the 10 year projection window and therefore visible, but had always been there.


  2. john.jay says:

    As someone who identifies as a centrist and votes both ways–and had been living in Europe for a few years and thus out of the mainstream of American culture–I can tell you that when I came back NPR was really the only news source that made a decent attempt to present both conservative and liberal views beyond the stupid he said / she said games of an outfit like CNN. I admit that NPR runs slightly liberal, but, they really are fair to both sides in a way every other news organization in this country should take note of. Whether you want to call it a problem or not, we now face a country where the predominant ideologies have achieved epistemic closure. I personally believe that to be dangerous which is why I am so glad that NPR typically does such a good job.


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