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Baby boomers “expected to release a net total of as many as 26 million housing units by 2030″ but who knows if Millenials will want to buy them

Good Lew Bryson post on big brewers consolidating

Philly Fed sees slightly stronger expansion in March.

There are idiots

A Parkland student will be on MTV’s 16 and Pregnant. My fiance loves this show.

Noel Jones has been blogging about improperly bagged garbage for a long time now, and now Easton is responding with a new garbage ordinance. Blogging gets the goods!

I need to teach Rachel Bradshaw to write shorter blog posts

Penn State talking about going private

The Senate transportation bill is kind of good and Bob Casey added a bridge repair amendment that will help the LV

Rich Wilkins on Hanover Township’s pointless lawsuit against the NIZ.

Maybe Obama should pardon Dick Cheney and Bradley Manning

Great stuff from Mark Price on Marcellus Shale and employment growth


  1. Remember when Pat Browne told everyone that the EIT would not be needed and he expected all of that revenue to go to the municipalities? On Bernie’s blog:

    Steve Miller, Solicitor to Lehigh County’s Tax Collection Committee, told municipal officials that…. Previously, municipal officials were told that EIT revenue would be refunded 100%. “That’s not quite the case,” stated Miller, who noted there will be no refund unless the revenue is in excess of the debt service on bonds floated to finance the arena and other improvements. Miller added that the debt service would be paid, proportionately, from both EIT and state tax revenue.

    Another lie.

    So no, the lawsuit is very much needed to find out the truth.

    • Jon Geeting says:

      It’s pointless because municipalities are a creation of the state, they have no inherent rights of their own. If state law changes to allow Allentown to keep the EITs, that’s it. End of story.

      • That’s it, keep skipping the lies – except when it’s the other side, then your moral outrage surfaces.

        90% of the Lehigh Valley is rooting for this suit to proceed, and I’m going to write a check to Hanover just to help with defraying the costs.

        Fuck Allentown, a city without ethical limits.

  2. I would think the first article would provoke a little humility on the part of people who always think they are ahead of the curve in fashion.

    Many of those houses were bought during my lifetime, when everyone “agreed” that living in a town on a half acre lot was the way to go. Now hipster journalists tell us that no one wants them. I’m not so sure that’s true, but at least it shows the folly of trying to use any product or service as the basis for planning the future.

    • Jon Geeting says:

      I actually think Millenials will eventually be interested in smaller suburban homes. The exurbs seem like a bad idea all around, but people grow up and start families, want more space, and the closer-in suburbs with smaller lots will probably start to seem appealing as my generation gets older.

    • Jon Geeting says:

      That’s why I favor doing away with all the subsidies for housing, or converting them to a limited tax credit, and strengthening urban property rights through simple form-based zoning. All this makes it difficult for the housing market to adapt to changing preferences.

  3. John, I know you don’t like the NIZ, or the process to create it, but, the fact is, it’s been done legally. The process was the exact same process that EVERY change to the fiscal code undergoes, and the state passed it in a legal vote, and the governor signed it. The city approved it, legally, and it’s done. Hanover Twp. has no inherent right to the EIT money if they state doesn’t give it to them. They get EIT money made in a different town because the state decided that in the first place.

    • Rich, just please admit one thing for me – they lied. Pat Browne stood in front of a room full of municipalities a couple weeks ago and he lied to them.

      And then ask yourself one question – if you were me, would you believe anything they say?

      • Honestly you and Geeting remind me about a Bobby Knight quote from years ago – “I think that if rape is inevitable, relax and enjoy it.”

        Sorry, I don’t enjoy being raped. And call it a hunch, there’s more raping to come.

    • What we have here is a larger issue. What if Harrisburg politicians managed to pull off a EIT grab for let’s say some place like the Upper Macungie warehouses and a few other places in other municipalities? Allentown would be livid. Not to mention impacted big time. Even Allentown said most of their EIT’s come from workers outside the city.

      This isn’t so much about the arena as it is about setting a precedent. What goes around comes around. Just suppose other Harrisburg politicians, who are watching this unfold, make a move to produce legislation for their own municipalities?

      If Allentown had to rely solely on workers within it’s borders, they’d end up on the short end of the stick.

      We can argue all day about supporting the burbs OR the state’s authority, but just what if the state decided everyone’s EIT’s stayed within the municipality in which one worked? For one, every hoot and holler that had a farm field would develop them pronto! Suburban sprawl would increase 10 fold (at least).

      Sorry, but I think this opened a can of worms. You don’t really think other legislators aren’t going to see this and try and bring the “pork” home to their own districts?

      As I said, it is about setting a precedent. This may be the first, but I bet it won’t be the last we hear of the EIT grabs in Pennsylvania. Other municipalities aren’t going to simply rest on their laurels. As you say, “They get EIT money made in a different town because the state decided that in the first place.” Then you shouldn’t be upset if the state should decide to exclude Allentown’s EIT sometime in the future either.

  4. You’re comparing an arena to a rape. I mean, seriously. I’m not going to admit anything, I couldn’t care less what he said to those towns, nor do I know that he lied. The point is, there’s no point to this lawsuit, everything’s been done legally, and frankly, it’s about time Allentown got to do something like this. The state giveth the EIT to Hanover and the other townships, and now the state taketh away.

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