Geeting Blog Kidnapped by HostMonster

HostMonster is being the worst, blocking me from logging in all day. Who knows whether it’s going to keep working, but somehow I finally got in, and am using this post to let you know that maybe I won’t be able to write anything else today, or however long HostMonster wants to keep ruining my life.

Also! This is the worst day for me to have blog problems because I’m leaving for vacation (California!) tomorrow and won’t be back until next Friday. For a while there I was panicking thinking the site would be dark for a whole week with no explanation and I’d lose all my readers.

Anyway, expect regular blogging to resume March 12 or maybe before then. I might do some phone-blogging but the WordPress app is super kludgy and I hate using it. Have a nice week!


  1. Hope you’re taking a train!

    Have a great vacation Jon.

  2. Jon Geeting says:

    That would be impractical! Thanks

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