Feed Purge

Haven’t done one of these in a while. Let’s check out what some other people are putting on the Internet:

NCC really likes Obama’s Community College to Career Fund in the new budget

Pat Browne and Bob Mensch sign amicus brief arguing that the Affordable Care Act is unconstitutional

I want to second Michael Donovan urging caution on this waste-to-energy plant. A great idea in theory, but seems to be moving through the approval process really fast.

Allentown Brew Works announcing a large expansion that will greatly increase their production capacity. Amazingly, Michael Molovinsky finds a way to be against this.

The thing to do with the ABE land is build dense office buildings on it. I bet a lot of businesses would like to have a location right near the airport that their clients can get to quickly without having to rent a car.

Three Hunterdon County school districts can save $500,000 by merging

Noel Jones on a backward slide for downtown Easton as another pawn shop opens up in the circle.

GLVCC is hoping gay dudes revitalize neighborhoods with cool businesses. Actually a well-founded strategy!

This trend toward online courses for public schools sounds promising on the merits, and also because it erodes the rationale for segregated school tax bases.

In a sane world, Charlie Dent would’ve porked the $40K needed for Phase II of the Bethlehem Skate Plaza already

Weyerbacher finally gets rid of their terrible Comic Sans logo

Victory over the suburban Rite Aid design has been confirmed once again. Telling that Rite Aid will still fill prescriptions out of a nearby property. Hard to square with Alan Jennings’ worry that they might just move away completely.

?uestlove shoots a video for the Obama campaign. I’m hoping some hip hop producers sample that clip of Obama singing Al Green

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