Is Tom Corbett Just Deferring to BrabenderCox on Political Endorsements?

Remember when Tom Corbett tried to install his campaign manager Brian Nutt’s dad as head of the Turnpike Commission? That’s just the great kind of friend Tom Corbett is.

Lately he’s been trying to do Brian another solid by endorsing all the Republican candidates who are working with Brian’s company, BrabenderCox:

Gov. Corbett’s preferred candidates for statewide office all have one thing in common.  But his picks may not lead the party way.

You’ve got Cumberland County District Attorney Dave Freed running for Attorney General with the governor’s blessing. There’s Diane Irey, the preferred candidate for State Treasurer.  State Rep. John Maher (R-Allegheny) is the Corbett selection for Auditor General.  And, most recently, Corbett has made his pick known for the crowded Republican U.S. Senate race – Chester County entrepreneur Steve Welch.

All those listed above are represented by the firm that managed Corbett’s campaign for governor, BrabenderCox.

Brian Nutt, a former Corbett aide, and a partner at BrabenderCox, says the governor has endorsed who he thinks best represents the party.

(h/t Mary Wilson)


  1. […] John Brabender, chief strategist for the Rick Santorum campaign, talks about his candidate’s wins of the night and how even the losses produced such a strong Santorum showing that he cannot be denied legitimacy in the race.Brian Nutt ran Gov. Corbett’s winning 2010 campaign is an insider and his dad was appointed the CEO of Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission by Gov. Corbett.   AND  more on Tom Corbett’s network of candidates tied to BrabenderCox […]

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