Feed Purge

Nice post from Chris Cocca about what’s on the agenda for Allentown in 2012

A righteous rant from The El Vee on the douche magnet that was the Firehouse

Hang out with Lew Bryson at Pearly Bakers on the 6th. Lew is trying to get on TV.

State House Republicans the PA Supreme Court still want to execute intellectually disabled (formerly “mentally retarded”) people

Payroll tax extension may be the only obstruction opportunity for Republicans this year

I count Charlie Dent supporting 5 out of 5 of the Tea Party’s attacks on women’s health in the House. That is not a pro-choice record.

Wells Fargo thinks multi-family starts will increase 25% in 2012

Will Wilkinson on Ron Paul: “He knew what he was doing, chose to do it, and none of it can be justified by a little TV-time for salutary anti-imperialist and free-market ideas.”

A nice post on hockey arena spillover effects. Yes, these are larger cities, but I still don’t know why people don’t expect this same stuff to happen in miniature in Allentown.

Internet companies considering the nuclear option to stop SOPA

Looks like the conservative dudes at PAWaterCooler are starting to settle on Romney

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