Morning Call’s Incumbent Protection Program Kicks Off

Looks like it’s time for the Morning Call to boot up its biannual Incumbent Protection Program. Yes, it’s Colby again:

Dent, who lives in Allentown, came under fire by some Democrats who said he should have fought harder to keep the Lehigh Valley intact. Dent said his preference was always that, but the final decision was not his to make.

“Redistricting is a contentious process, it always has been, always will be,” Dent said Tuesday.

Despite losing a chunk of the county, if he wins re-election next year, Dent said he’ll still work in Congress on behalf of all Northampton residents.

The new map strengthens Republican incumbents, including Dent, by making their districts less competitive. Many Democrats have strongly decried the new maps for that reason. State Democratic Party chairman Jim Burn said the maps were a “disgrace,” and that Republicans were “trying to rig the system.”

Which Democrats said Dent should have fought harder to keep the district intact? Any specific ones? Wouldn’t it have been appropriate to get a quote from Dent’s Democratic opponent Jackson Eaton, who just held a press conference on this yesterday? That’s certainly more relevant to this story than what Jim Burn thinks. How can the Morning Call allow Dent to present his side of the story in a most favorable light without balancing it against a quote from his Democratic opponent?


  1. Jon – love the blog, but I think you’re missing something about papers by attacking the reporter with your post. I’ve been following the redistricting issue and the congressional race. The fact is the Morning Call did run a full story on Jackson Eaton’s opinion of Charlie Dent and redistricting. I think the story ran either yesterday, or the day before. I know you can find it on-line as well.

    I’ve worked for a paper before and you need to realize that it would be unusual for any reporter or editor to go back to Eaton for comment in the follow-up story when they just gave his position on the issue in a news story the day before. That’s just not how it works.

    Actually, the fact that they covered Jackson’s press conference at all is to the Morning Call’s credit.

    I am also thinking that someone should awaken the Rick Daugherty campaign. Again, love the blog, but in this case, I think your criticism of the reporter and the Call is unwarranted.

    • Jon Geeting says:

      Yeah I linked to the story in this post. All fair points, but I just think she should’ve said something like “some Democrats, including Mr. Dent’s Democratic opponent Jackson Eaton, who said he should have fought harder…”

      Colby has a habit of only getting Dent’s side of the issues without balancing it with the opposition’s arguments.

      I’d like to see Daugherty actually campaign too. He gave me a statement for a Patch article I’m working on, but there’s been no effort to use Dent’s recent bad votes to drive up his negatives or anything.


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