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Zero states contribute more highway funding than they receive. Tolls and gas taxes paid by motorists do not come close to covering the cost of highways. Building new highways and widening highways should be seen as a cost, not a benefit.

Charlie Dent is the correct politician to blame for Easton’s continued cuts to the CDBG budget. You can draw a direct line between slashed federal aid to cities, local government budget cuts and persistent 9% unemployment.

Why the LV needs a Regional Crime Data Center – we are learning how to map where crimes are most likely to occur before they happen, but we need to collect the data

Awesome: new bilingual requirements for poll workers in Lehigh County

Occupy Philly targeting student loan debt

Bob Casey wants to lower interest rates on federal disaster relief loans to businesses

Occupy Wall Street is more popular than the Tea Party, and everybody hates the Tea People

Don’t vote in races where you don’t know anything about the candidates or the issues

We know how to reduce health care costs, but the solutions are pretty paternalistic. Good reminder that health care costs are more of a political problem than a technical one.

Is the Corbett agenda going to get derailed by petty squabbling between Turzai and Scarnati?

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