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I think it would be best to bulldoze the Armory in Easton

Awesome podcast on urban neighborhood revitalization from Karl Schlachter at Pitt

A major breakthrough in copper film could radically reduce the cost of solar cells, LEDs, and touch-screens

House Republicans trying to kneecap the EPA, but VETObama is going to swat this down

Colin Hanna , the rising Republican powerbroker from Chester County you haven’t heard of

Ryan O’ Donnell is going to be stoked that the new soul food spot in Easton will have vegan options

Scarnati is open to some horse-trading to get a Marcellus Shale local impact fee this fall. The gas companies know this is the most favorable congress they’re ever going to have, and are probably putting the pressure on to get the friendliest tax possible.

Any economic recovery scenario points to higher gas prices

Randy Toman massively overestimates the stakes of the 2011 municipal elections, believes “life as we once knew it” hangs in the balance

Budget brinksmanship costs more than the sums being argued over

Doctors say Americans receive too much medical care

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