Are Southeastern State GOPers Going To Sign a Suicide Pact?

By my count, we now have the NRCC, Rob Gleason, and the whole Republican House delegation opposing Tom Corbett’s plan to rig the 2012 election for Rick Perry.

Dan Hirschorn explains why the Southeastern suburban Republicans – Charlie Dent, Jim Gerlach, Pat Meehan, and Mike Fitzpatrick – have the most to lose:

With next year’s presidential election expected to be hard-fought, even sapping some electoral support from Barack Obama in Pennsylvania could have a major impact on the national results. But to several Republicans in marginal districts, the plan has a catch: they’re worried that Democrats will move dollars and ground troops from solid blue districts to battlegrounds in pursuit of electoral votes — and in the process, knock off the Republicans currently in the seats.

Suburban Philadelphia Reps. Jim Gerlach, Pat Meehan and Mike Fitzpatrick have the most at stake, since all represent districts Democrats won in the last two presidential elections. They and the rest of the Republicans in the delegation are joining with National Republican Congressional Committee officials to respond and mobilize against the change.

Exactly right. Under winner-take-all, the Obama campaign will spend lots of campaign resources trying to maximize turnout in Philly. But if they only need a majority in Philly, they’re not going to spend serious money there. Those resources will then shift to these swing districts.

What I want to know is, why aren’t the GOP state legislators in these districts freaking out about this?

If the fear is that Dent, Gerlach, Meehan and Fitzpatrick will be overwhelmed by the Obama campaign, isn’t that a problem for every Republican on the ticket? Are the GOP state reps in these districts really going to sign this suicide pact?

Also, go read Dan. There’s some quality hand-wringing from the national GOP, and info on the sketchy All Votes Matter group who produced this turd.

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