For All Your Geeting Needs…

Welcome to the new general-purpose Jon Geeting blog!  I’m writing at a few different places now, so I decided it would better to aggregate it all in one place, to better serve your Geeting needs. Regular blogging will resume here, on politics, economic policy and land use topics, and now that this is my personal blog I will probably post music and other pleasantries from around the Internet. Lehigh Valley Independent will redirect here, and I will post writing from Keystone Politics and Patch. Twitter and my Google Reader shared items are also down at the bottom of the page.


  1. Ernst Thaelmann says:

    Good move — losing the Liar “Independent” title.
    I imagine this should lighten your burden.

  2. Marie S says:

    “Geeting needs?!?!?!”

    “GEETING NEEDS?!?!?”

    To imagine that anyone has “Geeting Needs” is the pinnacle of arrogance.

  3. Like the new look – Sleek and modern – Name change is good as well. The old one was all you anyway. Mazel Tov

    Of course the haters are still hating but you are always going to have them.

  4. Donald Dal Maso says:

    Godd Luck with this new format, Jon! Please remember that America’s poor have very few people speaking up for them and plenty of voices raging with hatred against them.

  5. Donald Dal Maso says:

    That should have been GOOD LUCK! And I agree with the other Donald about haters–so be tolerant toward them because they haven’t anything else they are able to do.

  6. Ernst Thaelmann says:

    Keep on smoking Donny Dude!

  7. Keep up the good work!

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