Useful Idiots

Tim McNulty reports that the natural gas drillers are going shopping for some astroturf:

The main Pittsburgh Tea Party event of the year — on tax day — returns to the revamped Market Square this Friday at noon.

Conservative talk show host Rose Tennent is the MC. The anti-Obama/health reform/stimulus group is apparently veering into new territory, underground — one of the featured speakers is the spokesman for Range Resources, Matt Pitzarella, who’s going to talk on Marcellus Shale’s impacts on the Pa economy.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Haven't seen the 2010 figures yet, but Penn State did a study on the 2009 economic impact – $389 million in state and local tax revenue and over 44,000 new jobs.

    And yes, this for 2009 only.

    Pretty expensive astroturf.

  2. Anonymous says:


    ha ha

    Pot, meet Kettle

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