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  • 30 Lockhaven University students will run 100 miles to Harrisburg to protest Tom Corbett’s $13 million in budget cuts to the university
  • Lawmakers of both parties are really squeamish about the 50% cuts to higher ed.
  • John Morgan correctly identifies the GOP push for Photo ID voting laws as a form of poll tax.
  • Bill White has a righteous smackdown of Lehigh County Republicans
  • Chris Casey “wouldn’t put it past” Lehigh County DA Jim Martin to use a death penalty case for political advantage.
  • Lew Bryson links to two good pieces on why the state store system is such a bad deal for wine consumers.
  • A great example of why incarceration and punishment should be viewed as a cost, not a benefit, in making criminal justice policy.
  • Mike Sturla says Tom Corbett’s Liberty Loans are a slush fund for business handouts
  • Chris Lilienthal says international corporations are just trying to pull a “Dutch Sandwich” on us with the Tax Holiday campaign. 


  1. Anonymous says:

    Must have missed it – what did Mike Sturla have to say about Ed Rendell's $300 million in going away presents for his supporters?

    Be Independent Jon – if it's wrong for Corbett, it's wrong for Rendell.

  2. Anonymous says:


    Hypocrisy is OK when you are Progressive Liberal Democrat living and working in New York City masquerading as "Lehigh Valley Independent" representative.


  3. Anonymous says:

    Everything is okay when you are with the PLD – not to be confused with, but very similiar to the terrorist organization PLO, mind you.

    Their opponents just want old people to die and children to eat dog food, so that makes everything the PLD do OKAY!!!

    V. LENIN

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