Peak Car

Time for some new transportation funding priorities. Here’s per-capita vehicle miles traveled:

Cutting Edge Conservative Analysis

If you assume that we don’t do the cost controls or revenue increases in the ACA, then “the ACA” increases the deficit by eleventy bajillion dollars over 200 years zomgz! Let’s be clear about what this report says. It’s a worst-case-scenario. They looked at what would happen to the deficit if (1) we left in [...]

Progressive Caucus: ” Just Cancel the Sequester”

Right on: How to fix the sequester? Cancel it. That’s right; Congress can just cancel the sequester. Anything Congress can do, Congress can undo. So Congress can undo the sequester. The latest to call for this solution is the Congressional Progressive Caucus (the CPC), which I’ve been writing about. From the office of the two [...]

Adam Waldron for Bethlehem City Council

Lynn Olanoff reports: Adam Waldron, 28, a Democrat, said he believes his small business acumen would serve him well on council. He started his residential painting company to fund his business management degree from West Chester University and his parents are the former owners of Balloons for all Occasions in Allentown. “Bethlehem needs strong independent [...]

Why’s the Land Value Tax Progressive?

A few months ago I was asked what’s so progressive about the land value tax by a skeptical progressive friend, and ever since I’ve been kicking myself for responding with what now sounds to me in retrospect like kind of a weak case. I don’t think I was very persuasive so let’s try this again. [...]