Release the Drug Patents

Dean Baker: Drugs are expensive to develop, but once they have been developed the cost of producing another dose is almost always very low. In the economists’ dream world, cancer drugs would sell at their cheap marginal cost. Of course we would need an alternative mechanism for financing the research. Such alternatives do exist. We [...]

Why Would You Locate a Business Inside Main Street Commons?

It’s true that parking kiosks are confusing and horrible, but people should also consider that maybe the inside of Main Street Commons is just a sucky location for a business. The key advantage to locating on Main Street in Bethlehem is the foot traffic. People like strolling around the nice downtown and window shopping. They don’t want to [...]

Lehigh County Election Board: Allentown Water Lease Referendum Not Going on the May Ballot

Huge news from Colin McEvoy: The city deemed the signatures valid in December, which appeared to clear the way for the May and November referendum questions. But Tim Benyo, chief clerk of the Lehigh County Election Board, notified the city on Feb. 21 that the referendum requirements had not been met, according to a letter [...]

Will John Callahan’s Dust-Up With Wrestling Ref Help Him Win the Sports Dad Vote?

My #slatepitch take on John Callahan’s dust-up with a wrestling ref is that it will actually end up endearing him more to man voters. He’s a sports dad! Sometimes he gets heated about this stuff just like other dads with kids in high school sports!: Bethlehem Mayor John Callahan issued an apology for yelling at [...]