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Charlie Dent: Leave Some Victims Behind

Shorter Dent: we should do what the Senate rightwingers wanted, because otherwise rightwingers in the House won’t vote for it:

After House Republicans introduced their legislation to reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act, one GOP congressman said he wants leadership to do what it takes to pass the domestic violence bill.

“I am prepared to vote for the Senate bill that’s passed,” Rep. Charlie Dent (R-PA) told TPM in an interview Friday. “At the very least I’d like to move on the House bill. The whole hangup is over the LGBT, U Visas and the tribal matters. I don’t want to let these provisions impede the underlying bill.

If Dent actually wanted to show leadership as a moderate in the Party, he’d call on the House rightwingers to shut the hell up about the LGBT protections, U Visas and tribal courts and pass the damn bill. He would say “I am prepared to vote for the Senate bill that’s passed, and I am calling on my colleagues to drop their objections to protecting rape victims, domestic violence victims, human trafficking victims, students on campus, and stalking victims, and join me in supporting these common sense improvements to the Violence Against Women Act.” Instead he’s urging everyone to let the rightwingers win, and isn’t prepared to put up any kind of fight on behalf of the better bill.