Hillary Kwiatek Returns to the Ex-LVI Blog Comments Section With Good Points About Holy Family Manor

Hoisted from the comments: As someone who both lives in the neighborhood and has a relative in one of the Holy Family Manor properties, I’m conflicted here. On the one hand, I think it’s good to have assisted living and other retirement home options situated in a residential neighborhood. My father in law is able [...]

The Winning Strategy for Willie Reynolds: Racking Up Bethlehem Counter-Establishment Endorsements

The Bob Donchez strategy in the Democratic primary for Bethlehem Mayor is going to be to create an air of inevitability around his candidacy. The best course of action for him is to line up as many capital-E Establishment players behind him as he can from the politics, business and philanthropy set. And since a [...]

Hoisted From the Comments: More Context on Bethlehem Council Vote Against Mount Airy Demolition

Lynn Olanoff stops by to clarify what the vote was about: Council’s vote was to not allow the home and barn’s demolition. If you own a property in one of the city’s certified historic districts (Historic, South Side or Mount Airy), you can’t tear down a structure or make modifications to it without the city’s [...]

The Sequester is the Republicans’ Fault

Everybody’s going to hate it when the sequester cuts 700,000 jobs next week, so Republicans are, understandably, trying to win the blame game. The problem for them is that it’s completely their fault. Think back to why we have the sequester. The sequester cuts were supposed to kick in only if the Supercommittee negotiations failed. [...]

Mount Airy Neighbors Should Pay For Historic Home Restoration, Not City Taxpayers

Here’s a good example of a situation where there’s no compelling citywide interest in preserving a building, but Bethlehem politicians lean toward preservation anyway. The backstory is that the Diocese of Allentown wants to demolish a 123-year old home in West Bethlehem because they don’t think the $230,000 in repairs it needs are worth it. [...]

How the Sequester Will Hurt Housing Programs

CBPP reminds us that despite the media’s focus on the military cuts portion, there are a lot of other pointless cuts in the Republicans’ sequester. There is no reason to make any cuts like this. Congress needs to get rid of the sequester and replace it with nothing: Our own analysis confirms that the cuts would have [...]

MacroAdvisers: GOP’s Sequester Cuts Will Cost 700,000 Jobs

Macroeconomic Advisers: – Our baseline forecast, which shows GDP growth of 2.6% in 2013 and 3.3% in 2014, does not include the sequestration. – The sequestration would reduce our forecast of growth during 2013 by 0.6 percentage point (to 2.0%) but then, assuming investors expect the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) to delay raising the federal funds [...]