Overlearning the Lessons of Historic Preservation

It’s completely true that historic preservation rescued the best parts of downtown Bethlehem from one of the worst design fads ever to rock the nation back in the 70′s and 80′s, but I think some of Bethlehem’s policymakers have over-learned this lesson. It’s not modern architecture that’s the problem but ugly architecture. People understandably feel [...]

Andy Po of Homebase Endorses Willie Reynolds for Bethlehem Mayor

I can’t think of a business more emblematic of New Bethlehem, and more influential in the up and coming Southside business district, than Homebase Skateshop. Andy Po is a skilled businessman and advocate for the city’s youth culture. He has the ear of a lot of people who are not deeply engaged in city politics, so his endorsement and [...]

MSNBC Needs to Dump Joe Scarborough

As the intellectual case for immediate deficit reduction disintegrates before our very eyes, Joe Scarborough has decided to become more and more strident on this point. In fact, Scarborough’s recent schtick seems to be picking fights with quants who know better than him on a range of issues, and then appealing to Beltway groupthink to [...]

Glenn Reibman Charging $25 to Hear His Announcement Speech