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Voting for Teh Stupid

Just want to remind everyone about Lamont McClure’s stupid as hell vote against letting the LV Board of Health finish the almost-done Bi-County Health Department study with their own grant money. You’d expect this kind of foolishness from Republicans, but McClure was the only Democrat to go along with it:

The vote Northampton County Council took Monday night on the Bi-County Health Department was not a vote against using taxpayer dollars for the project.

It was not a vote against using taxpayer dollars to fund the study of the project.

It was a vote against allowing the Lehigh Valley Board of Health to spend money it already has to continue a study that is already in progress.

Basically it was a vote in favor of ignorance – to not learn anything more about the idea.

It’s the legislative equivalent of a toddler plugging his ears and stamping his feet to block out an unwanted scolding.

Even more short-sightedly, Council is leaving millions in state grants on the table that would have gone to preventive services that could save individuals money by reducing the incidence of illness and trips to the doctor.

What is the Justification for Lamont McClure’s NorCo Exec Run?

I really can’t understand what could possibly justify Lamont McClure running for Northampton County Executive. I would say maybe John Callahan’s team put him up to running as a spoiler, but I know of few LV political operatives who are that clever.

What about the fundamentals have persuaded Mr. McClure he has a chance? He has crap fundraising, a 41%attendance record, and has basically no accomplishments to show for his time as an elected official. He was the only Democrat in either County to vote against letting the LV Board of Health spend their own outside grant money to finish the Bi-County Health Department study. The only issue position Mr. McClure is identified with – keeping Gracedale publicly-owned – is the position held by every single candidate running for office in Northampton County, in both parties.

Basically whatever your views on County issues are, one of the other two Democratic candidates is going to represent you better. If you think the purpose of County government is running a patronage machine and make-work jobs program for your political allies, then Glenn Reibman is your man. If you think the purpose of County government is providing high quality public goods and services, improving quality of life  for residents and solving County problems, then John Callahan is your candidate.

Mr. McClure is competing to be the other candidate who wants to let the service providers eat the taxpayers alive, but it’s not clear why anyone would think he could do a better job of this than Glenn Reibman with such weak fundraising and a reputation for ineffectiveness.