Highest and Best Use

Like Rich, I don’t really have a strong opinion on Sal Panto’s proposal to move Easton City Hall to the new intermodal building, but generally speaking I think you want your highest value city land to be devoted to taxable uses as much as possible. The land parcels around Centre Square* are some of the highest value parcels in the [...]

Include Free Transit in the Allentown CBA

Another point about the Community Benefit Agreement in Allentown: it should include free trolley buses. A bus rapid transit system to get people around the city could be mostly as good as a a subway system if planners make the correct right-of-way and land use choices, but it would cost a small fraction of the [...]

Pay for Alan Jennings’s NIZ Ideas By Taxing Land Speculators

The whole point of the Allentown NIZ is to reduce rents and encourage development in downtown Allentown. The state subsidies for “developers” are actually a subsidy for the end users of the office space – business tenants. Likewise, Alan Jennings’s proposed surcharge on “developers” will actually be a tax on the tenant businesses who end [...]