Everybody Wants to End the State Booze Monopoly, Except People Who Don’t Use the Stores

The pro-monopoly hack angle on this poll showing overwhelming support for ending the state booze monopoly (61-35) is going to be that it was commissioned by the Commonwealth Foundation. But non-hacks will be interested to see that Fairbank is almost exclusively a Democratic pollster, and that they really bent over backwards to craft neutral question [...]

If Eric Evans Wants to Improve Quality of Life, There Is an Opportunity in Front of His Face

I have to wonder if Eric Evans understands the comedy here: Bethlehem Councilman Eric Evans is running for re-election. Evans, a councilman since 2010, said he’s running for re-election because he loves living in Bethlehem and wants to maintain the city’s high quality of life. Evans said he will continue to support the needed investments [...]

Subsidize the Housing User, Not the Construction

Excellent points from Robert Lerman: Bad terminology can create bad policy. Nowhere is this more evident than in housing policy. This approach is problematic. First, subsidies tied to specific “low-income” homes substantially restrict where recipients can live, and what’s available may be a poor choice for their families. Second, the cost of subsidizing construction programs [...]