Details on the Bethlehem Single Hauler Bid

This will soon be confirmed in the press, but here are the details on the leading Bethlehem trash hauler bid:

$197 includes:

– Trash
– Recycling
– Yard waste
– Bulky items
-Alley trash pickup

The price is locked in for 3 years. After that, five 1-year extensions are possible at an additional 3% a year. So the most it would cost 10 years out is about $242 – still much lower than what most Bethlehem residents pay now.

This will save the city about $100,000 a year on disposal costs, and would allow for changes at the compost and recycling center that save more money, potentially as much as another $100,000.

There is no administrative fee for 2013, and the administration is unlikely to pursue one for 2014. This year’s tax increase eliminated the need for a fee.

This is a much better deal than what most people get now, and it deserves to be debated by City Council.