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Eric Evans and Bob Donchez Plug Their Ears, Refuse to Learn About Saving Bethlehem Residents Money

Lynn Olanoff says Eric Evans won’t even consider John Callahan’s plan to save Bethlehem residents $200 a year on their garbage bills:

Bethlehem City Council President Eric Evans said he won’t be calling hearings to consider bids for a single garbage hauler.

With a majority of council members opposed to switching the city’s garbage system, Evans said he doesn’t see a point in considering the bids.

“The question becomes the purpose of it if there are not four interested,” he said. “I don’t know why it would make sense.”

Evans’ refusal to hold hearings outraged Mayor John Callahan, who said the bids low prices are worthy of consideration. The city has received single hauler bids that range from $137 and $209 a year while an average resident pays $340 a year for private garbage collection, officials have said.

“I don’t remember …. when city council has refused to hold hearings on an issue this big,” Callahan said. “I think that’s incredibly disrespectful to the residents of the city of Bethlehem.”

This is why people need to dump Eric Evans in the primary this May. Palmer Township showed how the debate over a decision like this should go down. They compared all the different options and then chose the one that delivered the cheapest and best service to residents. That was a single hauler with automated collection. They didn’t care that some people would come with a bunch of stupid drama. They knew what was best because they studied it, and they picked the best option anyway.

By contrast, Eric Evans knows that these bids show a single hauler would be cheaper and offer more comprehensive service, but he and Bob Donchez, Dave DiGi and Jean Belinski want to cover their eyes and plug their ears and pretend not to know that it’s cheaper. This has to be the most juvenile thing I’ve ever heard.

This is why you can’t trust Bob Donchez when he says he wants to study how best to run the city government. When the results come in, and the cheapest best choices turn out to be even moderately difficult politically, he chickens out.

Now if you count the votes, you see that the election of even one more supporter of a single hauler will put this over the line next year. Eric Evans is really just pushing off the inevitable. When Jean Belinski gets replaced by Steve Melnick, and some other even moderately mature and sensible people replace Dave DiGi and the winner of the Donchez/Reynolds primary, then the single hauler plan is going to win 4-3, or 5-2.

The people who want Bethlehem residents to keep paying an additional $200 a year to keep their city stinkier and dirtier than it has to be are going to lose this argument next year. So why don’t they just give up now?