Corbett Booze Plan Is the Ultimate Kludge

Keystone Politics visits the Op-Ed Page of the Patriot News today to drop an argument that Tom Corbett’s booze plan is way way more complicated than it has to be. To sum it up, we need to completely get away from regulating *who* is allowed to sell booze, and focus our harm reduction efforts on [...]

The Local Political Coalition We Need

Bernie O’Hare sounds surprised that conservative Republican J.B. Reilly donated $1000 to Democratic Mayor of Easton Sal Panto, but I’m not. Reilly is a developer. He likes Sal Panto because under Panto’s administration, Easton is more pro-growth and pro-development than some other municipalities: Speaking of Pawlowski, he gave Sal $1,000 last year. So did a lot of [...]

Schools on Safe Routes

The Safe Routes to School program is one of my favorites from the Obama era, but this is a good point from Charles Marohn: Where my concern lies is not in the goal but in our approach to meeting it. Today we spend money to study and then, in some cases, to retrofit existing school [...]