The Case for a Gentrification Dividend

Christopher Sawyer asks if it’s ok for neighbors to extort developers for money: Naturally, the upset neighbors on Rodman Street behind this lot appealed to Common Pleas court, where many other contentious zoning issues wind up. Earlier this month, Common Pleas denied the appeal in favor of the developer. The project can move forward. But wait–there’s [...]

Four Young Progressives Needed for Bethlehem City Council Race

This sure would be a great year for 4 young progressives to take over Bethlehem City Council. Karen Dolan’s awesome and doesn’t deserve a primary, but I’d like to see 4 fresh faces to run against Eric Evans and for the 3 open seats being evacuated by DiGi, Jean Belinski, and then whoever wins the Donchez/Reynolds scrum.

Good Riddance to Fake Democrat David DiGiacinto

The Bethlehem Controller office could be pretty powerful in the hands of a same-party opposition politician like DiGi. He’ll get a soapbox for a bunch of political audits, and it’ll be a lot of fun for him. But it’ll be even better for everybody else because he mercifully will not be voting on anything related to development [...]

Life Expectancy Going Down for Low-SES Groups

Here is why Social Security benefits should only grow and never be cut. Increasing life expectancy is often given as a reason for increasing the SS retirement age, but some groups who really rely on that stingy monthly check have actually been losing ground on life expectancy. Another big chunk of the oft-mentioned increase in [...]