Archives for January 26, 2013

How Popular is Lehigh County’s Green Future Fund?

Just want to remind the Lehigh County Democrats how crazy popular the Green Future Fund was when voters approved it back in 2002:

On May 21, voters in fast-growing Lehigh County overwhelmingly approved the Green Future Fund, a $30 million county bond to protect open space and farmland and to expand and improve local parks. The measure passed with 14,907 yes votes, or 70.6 percent of the vote to 6,201 no votes (29.4 percent).

While the polling shows a dip in concern about the loss of open space during the economic downturn years, a time of very little new greenfield development, preserving open space remains extremely popular. So much so that a Republican candidate is primarying Mike Schware because the Tea People were holding Green Future Fund grants hostage, trying to score some retroactive spending cuts they couldn’t get during the regular budget process.