Total Surrender on the Debt Ceiling

Stan Collender on the humiliating defeat of House Republicans, a month early: How much of a surrender is the House GOP plan? Consider the following: 1. The plan doesn’t just allow the government to borrow more, it requires the existing ceiling to be ignored. The party that supposedly was the darlings of the Tea Party [...]

Prepare to Be Ruled By Nuts

Bernie O’Hare digs up some of Scott Ott’s greatest hits ahead of his County Executive bid. I would say you should look out for some of these on a Democratic political mailer, but Rick Daugherty’s Lehigh County Democratic Party looks set to let this nutcase run unopposed: 2. Ott questions why blacks were loyal to [...]

Our Self-Imposed Doctor Shortage

There are some good reasons to think the much-hyped doctor shortage won’t come to pass, but insofar as this is something people are worried about, it would be very easy to fix it through free trade. Politicians and economists always tout free trade as a remedy to high prices in sectors of the US economy [...]

What Obama Spending Surge?

Matt Yglesias: And taken as a whole, consolidated government spending—federal, state, and local—simply hasn’t surged. You can take the beginning of the recession or the beginning of the Obama administration or whatever you like as your starting point and it still hasn’t happened. Spending continued on essentially the previous trend throughout the official NBER business [...]