No Labels Thinks Partisan Conservatives Charlie Dent and Mike Fitzpatrick Are Non-Partisan “Problem Solvers”

Any discussion of polarization or gridlock in American politics must begin with the chart above. It shows how far right or left House Democrats and Republicans are on the ideological spectrum using Keith Poole’s respected DW-NOMINATE score system. As you can see, Democrats are in their historical range, no more liberal than they’ve been in recent history. The biggest change is [...]

Moderate Republican Nathan Brown Will Run Against Tea Person Mike Schware for Lehigh Commission

And just like that, the pendulum rapidly swings away from the anti-government view: Nathan Brown, 34, a Republican who has been on borough council for six years, will challenge incumbent Republican Mike Schware in the May primary. Brown said he decided to run based on the commissioners’ recent handling of the county-wide reassessment and of [...]

Scott Armstrong Should Follow Pat Toomey’s Lead on the Allentown School District Budget

Pat Toomey: Copy the City of Allentown millage rates: