John Callahan Should Run for Lehigh County Exec Instead of Northampton

Rich’s post on the sorry state of Democratic political competition in Lehigh County is depressing me. But his observation that there are zero top tier Democratic candidates being mentioned for Lehigh County Executive has got me thinking about why John Callahan wants to run for Northampton County Exec instead of Lehigh County Exec. Lehigh County [...]

Pat Toomey’s Slow Motion Default Plan a Non-Starter in Senate

Brian Beutler says Pat Toomey’s plan to default on non-bond, non-military obligations is going nowhere: Since there’s no precedent for the government running out of borrowing authority, some leading Republicans even want to revisit an idea first proposed by Sen. Pat Toomey (R-PA) during the 2011 debt limit fight, to require the Treasury to prioritize [...]