Balkanized Local Government and Political Inequality

All of you who are concerned about growing inequality in Pennsylvania really must read Cities Without Suburbs and Little Boxes, Limited Horizons (PDF) by David Rusk. But in the meantime, you should read this pair of articles in Governing magazine, How Well is Power Spread Across Metro Areas? and Governments Resisting the Urge to Merge. [...]

The Best Argument for Public Financing of Political Campaigns

Ryan Grim and Sabrina Siddiqui: For an incoming member of Congress still basking in the glow of electoral victory, it’s a message that hits those in both parties hard — the most direct indication that time in the people’s chamber will be a bit different from the version taught in civics classes. For new Democrats, [...]

Why Willie Can’t Go Wobbly on the Single Trash Hauler Plan

Willie Reynolds hit all the right notes in his Mayoral announcement, but I thought this was a little off-message: Reynolds has said he is humbled by Callahan’s past support, but that doesn’t mean he supports everything the mayor proposes. He pointed out that he voted against Callahan’s proposal to include $500,000 for contract trash hauling [...]

Willie Reynolds’s Campaign Will Focus on Strong Neighborhoods

Good theme. I’ll be looking forward to engaging with some of the ideas in the Winning Our Neighborhoods plan this Spring: Standing in front of his home decorated with poinsettias and American flags, Bethlehem City Councilman J. William Reynolds promised strong neighborhoods will be the centerpiece of his campaign as he became the first to [...]