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The Big Decisions Are Where You Need Representative Government

I’m not a fan of the ballot initiative process in general, but I’m especially against it when it comes to really big financial decisions. In Allentown and also in Lehigh County, some people want to change the rules so that really big important financial decisions like asset sales or borrowing have to go to a voter referendum. I think it should be just the opposite. If there are going to be ballot initiatives, they should be for small issues that have very little fiscal impact. The really big decisions are where representative government is most needed, because the elected representatives are supposed to have the time to really study these issues and make informed decisions. What a ballot initiative is really doing is letting the issue be decided by an emotional decision, since most of the people who will be voting will have only a loose understanding of what’s happening.

Obama’s 2012 Win Predicted By the Fundamentals

In many ways, the 2012 election was a victory for political science. You don’t need a special explanation for why Obama “overperformed” because he didn’t overperform:

What To Do If Your Transit Line Needs More Riders

Excellent flow chart from Cap’n Transit. It’s not that hard, folks: