Will This Help Multi-Family Apartment Financing?

Commenter John has been scolding me over the past year to blame lending restrictions for the failure of apartment construction to keep up with the surge in demand for apartments and multi-family housing. I am hoping that this loosening of Basel III liquidity requirements will help do the trick, and will post John’s response if he [...]

Highlights from the Willie Reynolds Campaign Website

Willie Reynolds’ campaign website is here, and of course it is as vague as the typical professional campaign website. However, there are a few clues in The Plan that suggest a Mayor Reynolds would take a “smart growth” (traditional neighborhood development, new urbanism, market urbanism, whatever term you prefer) approach to land use and development issues. Here [...]

Obama Not Compromising Over Default Ceiling

There’s nothing to negotiate about. Congress needs to pay its bills: Obama noted that additional revenue could come from closing tax loopholes and deductions Republicans themselves sought to reform throughout the 2012 presidential election and the fiscal cliff talks but were not altered in the compromise Congress passed to avert the fiscal cliff. Congress enacted [...]

Willie Reynolds Running for Bethlehem Mayor

I’m still hoping to see Donna Taggart get in the primary for Bethlehem Mayor, but I think the next best hope for staving off 4 years of no-growth NIMBYism in the Mayor’s office is Willie Reynolds. So I’m glad to see Councilman Reynolds will be announcing a run this Tuesday. My big fear is that [...]