The Uselessness of Politician Op-Eds

If Congressman Charlie Dent thinks that the national debt is a problem, then maybe he should have named even one single spending cut he supports in his op-ed calling for spending cuts. In reality, the debt and deficit are well within control, and are responsible for zero of our current economic problems. We only need $1.2 trillion more in spending cuts [...]

In Obama’s Second Term, Forget Legislating and Learn to Love the Veto

I’m not sure who is arguing that we need 435 liberals in the House to get anything good done. Personally my goal is 218+ Democrats. No doubt that’s a heavy lift. There are only about 35 swing districts, and Democrats need to win 17 to take the majority. Because of the wildly successful round of Republican gerrymandering, [...]

Strong Towns Speaking Tour Coming to Easton and Other PA Cities

Strong Towns is one of my favorite blogs on cities and land use politics, so I’m excited to see that Charles Marohn is doing a speaking tour through PA. Here’s an important post Marohn did on the Ponzi scheme of exurban development. If you like real estate development and land use issues, you really need to [...]

Ruckus Brewing Looking at Expanding into Allentown Neuweiler Brewery

I’ll leave it to others to debate whether $25 million is an appropriate estimate of the cost of redeveloping the Neuweiler Brewery, but Hoptimus Prime is pretty good and so is the idea of leasing extra tank space to other local craft brewers. It would allow for collaborative batches between different brewing companies, which is [...]

Grasping Toward a 2013 Municipal Election Questionnaire

Municipal elections are low-information affairs, so I would like to do my part to try to increase the amount of real policy substance we hear from the candidates. What do you want to know from the various municipal candidates? I’m starting a running list, and will consider adding your question if I like it. Once [...]