Lehigh County Authority Should Just Buy Allentown’s Water and Sewer System

Seriously, what is the point of having separately-owned water systems if this is happening? Pension doomsday considerations aside, consolidating Allentown’s water system with the LCA is an obvious move: The new year will bring a new water source to Lehigh County Authority customers. On Jan. 2, 2013, LCA will activate a recently completed interconnection with [...]

Philly Needs More Pro-Growth Land Use Advocacy, Less Arson From Building Trades Union

Philaphilia is one of my favorite blogs (maybe my most favorite blog!), and one of the things you notice as a Philaphilia reader is that NIMBY groups manage to get a whole lot of development projects shut down in Philly. NIMBYs have managed to turn the process for obtaining a variance into a political ordeal, [...]

Ron Beitler is Running for Lower Macungie Commissioner

Great stuff, but Ron shouldn’t assume voters know what smart growth means: Ron Beitler, co-owner of Bar None Weddings & Entertainment, was borned and raised in the township. “I’m running for the Board of Commissioners to continue being a part of making our township an even better place to live and work,” Beitler said in [...]

Defining Down Reasonable

Rich Wilkins wants to give Charlie Dent and the 85 House Republicans some credit for voting for the Senate’s fiscal cliff compromise. I don’t, for two reasons. The fiscal cliff was a political crisis, not an economic crisis. The issue was whether the US political system could pull together and stop a crisis of its [...]