Corbett Alcohol Reform Plan Barely Lays a Hand on the Cartels

I’m working on a Patriot News op-ed on alcohol reform for this weekend that will feature some of these same points, but I can’t resist quickly commenting on the Corbett alcohol reform plan. The Good Stuff: - Grocery stores, gas stations, and convenience stores will be able to get licenses to sell beer and wine. No more [...]

Fantasy Urbanist Agenda for Bethlehem’s 2014-2018 Mayoral Term

In no particular order: – Implement all of Jeff Speck’s walkability report recommendations (some of which are in this list) - Form-based zoning code to replace the new already-arcane zoning code – Infill all the surface parking lots along 3rd Street, 4th Street and the Greenway with mixed-use retail and apartments – New iconic buildings for the empty lot [...]

Cheap Infill Opportunities Abound


I forget which blog I read this on the other day, but somebody made an argument that Northside Bethlehem is all built up. Not true! Go take a drive around Fairview and Goepp Streets, west of Main. That is a beautiful leafy neighborhood. But it also has a lot of underused surface parking lots that [...]

The Dumbest Place For Apartments

This is just about the stupidest place somebody could want to put 300 apartments. You’re ensuring that every single one of these tenants will own a car, creating a potentially huge traffic issue. Meanwhile, there are plenty of good places in downtown Easton to build a few hundred apartments. Right across from the river on the [...]

Bethlehem’s Main Street Wins Smart Growth America Accolades

WFMZ: Main Street in Bethlehem has a new reason to celebrate. Smart Growth America has chosen Main Street as one of its favorite streets in the country. Smart Growth advocates for people who want to live and work in great neighborhoods. Everybody loves Bethlehem’s Main Street, but sadly it would be totally illegal to build [...]

Let’s Play Name a Bob Donchez Initiative

What is a law that wouldn’t be on the books if Bob Donchez hadn’t proposed it, sold it, and got it through Bethlehem City Council? Can somebody name one?

Let Them All In

Ezra Klein on immigration as an economic policy: The truth is, the most important piece of economic policy we pass — or don’t pass — in 2013 may be something we don’t think of as economic policy at all: immigration reform. Congress certainly doesn’t consider it economic policy, at least not officially. Immigration laws go [...]