The Affordable Housing Coalition We Need

One thing I wish more people understood is that affordable housing politics is not a fight between “greedy developers” and renters. Properly understood, the political economy looks like this: developers + renters + construction workers on Team Build More Housing, and incumbent landowners on Team NIMBY. You often see renters working against their own interests by opposing new development, mistakenly believing that stopping new housing from getting [...]

Top Albums of the Year

Trolling one’s own blog is a basic human right, so I’m going to have to interrupt the political blogging with my 10 favorite albums of the year. 2012 was a pretty excellent year for music I like, and it was unusually hard to narrow it down to 10 favorites, so I’ve included an extended list of the top 25. In no particular [...]

Senate Democrats’ Plan for PA’s Distressed Older Cities Falls Far Short of What’s Needed

I was venting about this on Twitter earlier, but it deserves a proper blog post. The problems of PA’s distressed mid-sized cities are an issue I care about a great deal. Older cities are badly disadvantaged by state-level municipal finance and annexation policies, which set them up for decline. Setting up mid-sized cities for success [...]

What to Do About Gun Safety

Close the federal private sales loophole, regulating ammunition, add military-grade weapons to the National Firearms Act of 1934, mandate waiting periods, increase illegal gun possession as a policing priority: Ezra Klein talks to the gun policy experts: That’s where the private-sales loophole comes in: It’s depressingly easy for a gang member to drive to a [...]

Recruit Donna Taggart for Bethlehem Mayor

No, I have not heard that she has any interest, but my greatest hope for the 2013 municipal elections is that Donna Taggart will emerge as a candidate to run against Bob Donchez in the Democratic primary for Bethlehem Mayor. Bethlehem deserves a Mayor with real vision and expertise in economic development, who wants to [...]