John Callahan Not Backing Down on Single Trash Hauler Plan

Solid political strategy from John Callahan- bid out the contract to get the actual numbers, offer seniors an additional $70 discount, insist on passing all the savings back to residents instead of taking the $500,000 fee for the city budget: A day after Bethlehem City Council axed his proposal to for a citywide trash hauler [...]

Use the Alleys

Probably my most favorite place in the Lehigh Valley is the corner of North Sitgreaves and Lehns Court in downtown Easton. Ever since high school I’ve always wanted to fix up the building on the corner of that alley with the yellow facade across from Phyllis. The Lehns Court alley is a really beautiful spot, despite being dense [...]

Nazareth Councilman Carl Fischl Wants to Collect Rental Data

Carl Fischl seems to be among those who mistakenly believe an increase in the renting population is a problem, but kudos to him for wanting to collect better (or any) data on the rental market. This really seems like a job for the Lehigh Valley Research Consortium, to be undertaken in partnership with the two [...]

The Coward Era of Bethlehem Politics

Opponents of John Callahan’s single hauler trash plan never made any persuasive arguments against the Callahan administration’s claims that it would 1. save most residents on their garbage bills 2. improve the efficiency of trash collection or 3. make the city cleaner. I’m sure they never read Palmer Township’s report on best practices in garbage [...]