The Case for a $1 Bottle Deposit Law

Funds from Harrisburg for municipal recycling programs have been declining in recent years, so it’s important for greens to start thinking about ways PA could increase recycling rates with less spending. My favorite idea is a bottle deposit law. In a handful of states, they charge you 5-10 cents for your soda or beer bottle [...]

Allentown’s Apartment Shortage

Randy Kraft at WFMZ had a useful piece over the weekend on the increased demand for apartments in the three Lehigh Valley cities. There’s still no data on what the actual rental vacancy rates are, but the article is basically describing a housing shortage. One interesting finding was that the number of rental units has [...]

Why Government Spending Increases Under Term Limits

Ed Lopez explains: Term limitation exacerbates fiscal commons problems within the legislature. Because term limits decrease the variance of tenure within a legislature, the relative power of party leaders and ranking committee members will decrease. As the distribution of power flattens, this increases the proportion of legislators who possess access rights to budget items, thus [...]

Local Goverments Should Pay Tax Collectors Salary, Not Commission

Gerald Cross of the PA Economy League says paying tax collectors commission is a rip-off, and local governments should switch to paying them salary. Municipalities and school districts only get the opportunity to change how they compensate tax collectors once every 4 years, so you need to do this before February 15, 2013 or else [...]